Couples Counseling

Helping couples connect, communicate and deepen their relationship!

If your marriage or close intimate relationship is in turmoil, I understand how difficult that can be. You might feel like you and your partner have lost your sense connection and are living parallel lives.  You may be fighting a lot and feel unable to have a productive conversation about your relationship. Or you may be experiencing a lack of intimacy and affection. If any of this sounds familiar, please know that most couples encounter these sorts of challenges from time to time.  The purpose of couples counseling is to help you address these issues together and grow and deepen your relationship through the process.

Here Are Some Specific Challenges That I Can Help You With

Often couples seek counseling because they are experiencing:  

  • Trouble communicating with each other
  • Fighting instead of having a productive discussion
  • Feeling that your needs aren’t being met by your partner
  • Disagreements about how to handle money, parenting, chores, etc.
  • Lack of sex, affection and intimacy
  • Feeling like you are drifting apart

Even if you are experiencing all of this and more, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. We are complex beings, and maintaining close intimate relationships in a complicated world is often challenging.  However, couples counseling can help.

As Your Therapist, I Can Help You Create A Fulfilling Relationship!

I have a unique blend of qualifications to help you with your relationship.  I have experience as a therapist working with couples to heal and enhance their marriage or close intimate partnership.  My work with divorcing couples in my prior career in Family Law and Mediation provided numerous examples of what can cause a relationship to dissolve.  My goal is to bring all of my experience, education and training together to support couples in creating a healthy, fulfilling relationship that truly works for them.

Couples Counseling Can Improve Your Relationship

Couples counseling can provide the support you need to help you build a better relationship. If you and your partner are committed to doing this work, I can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your relationship. For example, Couples Counseling can help you:

  • Learn how to communicate your needs to each other
  • Be more aware and supportive of each other
  • Treat each other with more loving and respect
  • Have productive discussions instead of arguments
  • Improve connection and intimacy

If you would like to improve and heal your marriage or close intimate partnership, I would love to work with you.

Take The Next Step, Reach Out For Your Free Consultation

If you are facing challenges in your marriage or close intimate relationship and are considering couples counseling, reach out to me for your free 15-minute consultation at 424-214-3150 or by emailing me at [email protected] today.